For those who follow popular culture in America, it is hard not watch the online/TV powerhouse known as TMZ. Like The National Enquirer before them, this new-school media empire is involved with the Paparatizi but they seem to get more scoops and unique access – be it videos, unique photos or more.

One flight that I was on from Orlando to Los Angeles in First Class on Virgin America, in a seat so nice that it reminded me of my Elite HTS home theater seating at home, I had the misfortune (and outright shock) of watching a recently retired National Basketball League star literally back-hand slap his baby mama AND his under-one-year-old son in a fit of anger on the plane. The flight attendant saw what I saw and he looked at me as to say “what should I do?” I circled my fingers to return to the gate and we did. This total wife-beater, child abuser then stayed in his seat as he was asked to leave the plane. He had a pair of Beats IEM (aka: in-ear-monitor) headphones buried in his ears and he moronically acted as if he couldn’t hear anybody. Think when Eddie Murphy would say “LA-LA-LA – I can’t hear you”. He did JUST THAT. What a technological asshole.

Ultimately, this douche bag was taken off of the flight and we headed back to Los Angeles again.

Less than five hours, I rolled off of the plane with another couple sitting in First Class. They were in the parking van with me and they were glued to their phone. I asked them what was up and the said that TMZ had already covered the incident before we ever landed.

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